Liaoning Mechatronics college was originally established in 1965 as a national-level technical secondary school - Liaoning Instrument & Industry school.

In 2002, it was promoted to a higher vocational college with the approval of the provincial government and is affiliated with the Education Department of Liaoning Province.



The college is a key training base for vocational teachers in China.

National NC( numerical control) technology urgently-needed Talent training base,

National key vocational college of machinery industry

National key College on High-level Advanced Manufacturing Service

National Demonstrative College of further reforms on Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

First group of pilot unit to carry out the application on IT authorized by the Ministry of education,

First group of demonstrative college to Reform and develop Construction on vocational education by Liaoning province,

Liaoning Construction project on High-level modern vocational Education,

The 4th National Huang Yanpei Outstanding School Award,

Advanced organziation Award on Liaoning Vocational Education



The advanced facilities and superior environment for teaching and learning is what we are renowned for. We boast two campuses at Instrument Industry Park and Langtou respectively,which occupy a total area of 38.13 hectares with more than 190,400 square meters being buildings. Our 12 schools or departments offer 34 specialties to over 8000 full-time students.Instrument Industry Park has a special-designed pattern with full function; Langtou Campus was shaded with green trees .We have beautiful environment as well as the Information Environment with Cloud Computing, Big Data and Mobile Communication Technology as the Core to support the students learning.

The total value of teaching instruments and equipments is about 80 million yuan. 7 training bases supported by central finance and 11 by provincial finance in our college. Moreover,10 innovative training bases, 125 in-campus training rooms and 212 off-campus training bases were building. In recent years, more than 300 technical service projects have been carried out, 64 patents have been granted, and the amount of technical service has reached more than 13 million yuan, which has won the honorary title of “Excellent Service Organization of Liaoning province”.


Specialty Construction

The college implements the "Trinity" (College,Students,Enterprises) model in specialty construction .10 professional groups and 34 specialties being offered to our students,of which 17 are provincial keyBrandspecialties.At present, we have Intelligent Control Technology, Instrumentation Technology, Non-destructive Testing Technology, Equipment Manufacturing Technology, Material Forming Technology, Internet Technology, Digital Media Technology, Automotive Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Manufacturing Services etc.

Among them,

National teaching reform pilot specialty : Electrical Automation Technology

National Equipment Manufacturing Demonstration Specialty:

Mechanical& Electronical Engineering

National Machinery Industry Specialty:Detection Technology and Application

The Ministry of education to improve the professional service industry demonstration project :Mechanical & Electronical EngineeringLogistics management

Teaching Staff

Our college prides ourselves on 445 faculty members,of whom 178 are equipped with professors,85.19% of our full-time teachers hold double qualifications.We have 4 provincial Outstanding teaching teams.Furthermore, 6 teachers were accepted into the provincial famous teachers,5 were specialty building leaders and 5 were provincial outstanding young teachers.We were also pride of 1 National and 31 provincial teaching achievement awards.


College-Enterprise Cooperation

We try our best to put the cultivation modes such as order training, Combination of Industry, Education and Research, Superior technician training, tutor-student model and Modern Apprenticeship into effect.Our college promoted Three-type linkage (Resource-sharing,Co-construction and Deep Integration), Trinity (Cooperative school-running, cooperative education and cooperative employment) , and Three-level  together (Institutional level, curriculum level and teaching level go hand in hand) patterns. We have established long-term cooperation with well-established corporations and set up three Affiliated schools early. That are School of Huanghai Automotive Engineering with SG Automobile Group,School of North Gold & Jewel with China National Gold Group Corporation(Dandong),School of Huafu Instrument with Dandong Huafu Group ,and succeed in founding the demonstration of vocational education group and also setting up the School of Innovation&Entrepreneurship with local companies and government.


International communication

We have never ceased our creative and effective steps towards a new pattern of opening up,and carry out the "Multi-element interactive international communication & cooperation construction project", implement the "going out" strategy and service to the national one Belt and Road Initiative.Our college has established cooperation with NTU (Nanyang Technological Universityof Singapore, Devry University in the United States, Busan institute of Science and Technology, Silla University,Namseoul University of South Korea,NJANew Japan Academy of Japan.We also have sent students for further studies.


Employment feedback

We strives to build a whole-process employment guidance service system of Career Awareness,Planning,Preparation and Tasting. We were equipped with Internship and Employment Base already. Every year, more than 100 job fairs from 200 enterprises are held in our college which cover leading ones in equipment manufacturing industry.Such as AVIC(Shenyang)(Aviation Industry Corporation of China,Ltd.), SYMG(Shenyang Machine Group), and SG Automobile Group, Shenyang Blower works Group,TBEA Co.,Ltd,SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD(Shenyang) as well as a number of well-known companies in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River and the Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomerations. The employment rate has also jumped above 98 % in the past three years.


Campus Culture

An old Chinese saying goes, It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people ".New plans of education such as Thousand-Day Growth Plan,"1 + N" pattern of Talent Training Program were carried out with the purpose of making our students to become a whole-man with Craftsman spirit. A number of elective courses of humanistic quality in Activity Center were offered to students at the same time for promoting the essence of Sinology and Chinese culture. The students and teachers of our college were participated in many kinds of Arts and sports competitions and awarded a lot.


No effort is saved on our part in establishing the concept of building a community of human destiny in accordance with Chinese characteristics underThe Belt and Road. We strive to enhance the quality of education, enforce the ability of researching and servicing society,elevate the comprehensive strength and to make us to be a leading high-level international vocational college.